Composite Cladding & Siding

Modern Elegance & Style

Composite cladding, similar to composite decking continues to gain popularity. Cladding can quickly add new life to your home, fences, decks and outdoor spaces.

Exterior cladding is using a material to cover the exterior wall of your home. Cladding is an awesome option for really improving the exterior look of your home or business. Cladding comes in numerous colors and styles.

Composite Cladding and siding

Composite Cladding


Fade Resistant

Modern, high-quality materials means long-lasting color that last much longer than products with poor UV-resistance design.


Forget Splitting and Splintering

Composites don’t split, meaning great looks for the materials lifetime. Also no splintering, rotting or cracking.

Stain Resistant

Composite cladding and siding will not stain. The most you’ll have to do is wipe the cladding away with a paper towel to remove any oil, dirt, etc.

Modern & Elegant


Mold Resistant

Unlike wood, mold and mildew will never damage any of the composite cladding, so it will look great for year-round.

Pest Resistant

Many insects, including termites and carpenter ants and carpenter bees love wood siding, fortunately composite cladding will protect from these invaders.

Fire Resistant

Where we live, fires are a part of life. Luckily, composite cladding is fire-resistant – unlike wooden cladding and siding which are very flammable.

We install composite siding from all major manufactures including Fiberon, Timbertech Azek and Trex.  Composite cladding gives exterior walls remarkable colors and textures, while being stain & UV resistance, making it long lasting and low maintenance, particularly here in Summit and Eagle Counties.

Composite cladding offers contemporary and elegant style to your home, while being, worry-free with little to no maintenance.

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