The Best Ways to Remove Snow & Ice from Composite Decking


Safe Deck Maintenance for the Winter

Composite decking such as Trex, Timbertech and Fiberon are rapidly becoming the best deck material because of the colors, styles, sizes and 30+ year lifespan. Better yet is how little work is required to properly maintain it. However, we know what winter is like the High Rockies including Breckenridge, Vail and all of Summit County. Multi-day storms offer unique challenges for composite decking.

For homeowners with composite decks who live in snowy areas, you need to know how to safely remove snow and ice from your beautiful new outdoor living areas.

Don’t worry, snow removal is a cinch with composite decks. Removing snow and ice from your deck is a matter of using the correct tools and the right products that get rid of the snow, all without causing damage to the deck surface. As a local deck builder, we understand what snow does to decks, and we know how to maintain your deck through the winter.

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Composite Decking + Snow & Ice

Composite decking is well known for easy summer maintenance when you look at the work required for wood decks. Fortunately, this is true for winter maintenance as well.
At Rocky Mountain Decks, we’re expert custom deck builders. Because of the extreme environments we live in, it critical you have a local deck builder who know how composite deck material performs through each season.

Let’s look at options for keeping your deck clear this winter.

Can My Composite Deck be Shoveled?

When the snow starts to blanket your deck, you’re going to want to keep it, particularly if you have a hot tub or an awesome après-ski area. So, can you shovel it?

Yes, with restrictions. You can safely shovel a composite deck, but you need to make sure the right shove is being used as to not cause damage. Metal cutting edge shovels will nick, cut, and cause damage to your composite deck. However, you can safely use a plastic shovel or rubber-edged shovel to remove snow on your composite decks.

Use a Broom or Leaf Blower for Light Snow

We often get light snows, and this is a great time to clear the deck. During a low accumulation snow, leave the shovel in the garage. We have had many homeowners and property managers reach success just by sweeping snow away with a broom

Don’t put that leaf blower away just yet. Leaf blower are 100% safe for your composite deck and an easy way to keep it clean through the winter.

What about Ice Buildup? Ice Melt Safe for Composite Decking?

For many homes in the area, a sheet of ice can be a different story compared with snow. When you have ice form on your deck surface, it can be dangerous and you will need a way to melt it. That heavy icebreaker works great on driveways and sidewalks, but it will certainly cause damage to that dream deck.

So what can you do? You’ll want to melt the ice. Calcium chloride-based ice melt is safe for composite decks and is our recommended solution. This compound is highly effective at melting ice without scratching the composite surface. Rock salt can be used carefully. Do not use sodium chloride or sand on the composite deck as these ice melt granules can leave damage and permanent marks.

We are Expert Composite Deck Builders

Rocky Mountain Decks builds year-round. We understand how and what wintertime composite deck maintenance is needed. We know about designing personal outdoor living and how to bring your outdoor living dreams to life.