Privacy Fences for Safety and Escape

Creative Fence Designs for Safety and Comfort

For many homeowners, your home is an escape from busy lives – a place to forget the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. Many properties in Summit and Eagle counties share decks, patios and walls with other condos, townhomes and duplexes. For some homes, blocking out roads and foot traffic will help keep privacy around your yard, or maybe your hot tub. If it’s time for more privacy, you may need a custom privacy fence installed in Eagle or Summit counties. These days there are a number of a privacy fence options to suit your specific needs and requirements. This includes a number of material types of materials, styles and aesthetic options and features to choose from. If you are looking to create a private space while giving you peace of mind, consider a privacy fence.
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Is it Time for More Privacy?

Depending on the design and intended use, privacy fences can be effective at preventing break-ins and adding comfortable space for relaxing and entertaining. A privacy fence can create a living space on your deck, condo or yard creating additional space for privacy, no matter if it’s for or to block out nosey, noisy neighbors who seem to live “too close.”

Privacy fences help create a secure, private outdoor living space. Your children and pets will be safe while you enjoy the views in your own space. And no matter where you live, we build privacy fences in a wide choice of materials, styles, and subsequently cost.

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Check out Trexfencing.com for inspirational applications of Composite fences (Photo Couretsy of Trex.Com)

Types of Materials for Privacy Fences

Wood Privacy Fences

Wood fencing is the standard for solid privacy fences. Wood privacy fences can be less expensive, offer the option to stain or paint easily in an endless number of colors, and extremely customizable.

Privacy fences made of wood look natural and blend well with the local architecture. Cedar and Redwood are more weather resistant than pine or fir, and last considerably longer. Other types of wood, such as Ipe, create awesome fences with lots of natural tones.

Composite Privacy Fences

Composite Fencing can be a great solution for any fencing need. These fences are great because they match and compliment any of the decks we build. They are long lasting and won’t rot, splinter, or warp, like outdoor materials such as wood.

Vinyl Privacy Fences

Vinyl fencing comes in limited panel options. They look great and don’t need paint or stain. Vinyl fencing is more expensive initially than wood, but easy to care. Low maintenance and attractive vinyl privacy fences are gaining in popularity.


Benefits of Installing a Privacy Fence

Long Lasting, Low Maintenance – Privacy fences will require minimum maintenance to stay in great shape.
Reduces Noise – Solid privacy fences don’t have any spacing in their design, so they are great at blocking out nearby noise.
Add Property Value – Privacy fences add value to your home by creating a more enjoyable living space to enjoy.
Increased Home Protection – Privacy fences can provide protection for your young children and pets, while helping to keep intruders out.
Get Creative – Privacy fences are a great option for adding some new color, shapes and sizes to your yard

Custom Privacy Fence Builders

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