10 Creative Deck Ideas for your Eagle County Home

Lights, Seating, Views and More

Here at Rocky Mountain Decks, we love designing and building beautiful decks and comfortable, inspiring and made to enjoy outdoor living spaces. We love beautiful outdoor spaces that will add new opportunities for you to creating awesome memories with your friends, family and guests.The good news is there is a whole lot you can do to turn your deck into your favorite place to spend time.

As Spring arrives, snow melts and the aspens start to bud is a great time to consider upgrades to your Eagle County outdoor living style.

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We’ve put together a list of 10 things you can do to bring your Eagle County deck alive this year.

1. Add a Hot Tub or Pool to Your Deck

A huge number of homes in towns such as Vail don’t have backyards. No yard, no problem. You can modify your existing deck to support a hot tub that will be an instant attraction to your deck and make it a whole new living space.

2. Add Color to Your Wood Deck

Wood is not always the best choice of deck building materials. However, if you have a deck and it’s getting older, try painting the decking a different color. Make it pop and add warmth in just a few hours.

3. Maximize the Deck Views

Have a deck in Eagle County? Design and add seating and tables to frame the scene for our eyes to focus on amazing sunsets, snowcapped peaks or even downtown or along the Eagle River.

4. Create a Roof or Overhang

Look at adding a structure to create a sitting area that is protected. Small roofs and pergolas can all add roofs and provide shade and interest to your existing deck.

5. Take the Inside Outside

Nobody likes to sit on a hard and uncomfortable wood bench or railing. Look at taking the inside outside with comfortable seating, benches, ultra-comfortable pillows and blankets and outdoor rugs.

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6. Add a Hammock or Swing

Add a whimsical spirit to relaxing. Easily add a hammock or porch-style swing and let the days pass while you relax.

7. Open Up the View with New Deck Railings

Improve your railings to improve your views. Consider switching to alternative railing options to be sure views of Vail or Beaver Creek are not impeded. Take a look at railing options with thin balusters, wire or glass panels.

8. Add an Outdoor Fire Pit

Nothing beats an outdoor fire in the mountains. As the sunsets, create a cozy deck space by installing a fire pit on your deck. Add some seating, pillows and a throw and you have to be dragged back inside.

9. Deck Lighting

Add deck lighting on steps, balusters and railings which allows you to spend more time and enjoy your deck even more with an illuminated and inviting space.

10. Add Built in Benches

If you don’t want to have to keep moving seats consider adding a bench that creates structures and seating along the perimeter of the deck.

We are Deck Builders serving Vail, Edwards, Eagle, Avon and more! Are your ready for a new deck, then you’re in the right place. Rocky Mountain Decks is one of Eagle County’s premier deck designers and deck builders.