The Advantages to Aluminum Deck Railings

Safe Decks and Open Views

When building a deck or updating your current deck, it’s vital to choose the right railings to ensure the safety of friends and family. In addition, you will l also want to make sure that you choose a railing that is not only functional, but is beautiful and will add to your deck, and last to be so for years to come. There are many options for deck railings on the market. We are looking at aluminum deck railings and what you should consider when selecting your new railing systems for your home to ensure that you making the best choice.

Aluminum Railings Designs for your Deck

Aluminum railings offers a modern design that can add style to any deck or porch. One of the advantages to aluminum is allows homeowners with a less restricted view of their property; or the beautiful vistas here in the Rocky Mountains.

Aluminum railings and railing panels are supported by aluminum posts (or existing posts) that are both structural and a finished product ready for installation. With a variety of sizes, shapes, patterns and colors, aluminum railing system can provide an elegant complement to your home.

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Photo: Courtesy of Trex® 

Aluminum Railing vs other Railings Materials

Aluminum Railings vs. Wood Railings

Wood certainly has a place on many decks. In the Rocky Mountains, it’s important to know is that wood will rot, rust and breakdown. In contrast, powder coated aluminum does not require maintenance, and with a warranty of up to 25 years, it’s a worry-free railing system that does not require sanding, staining, washing, etc. every year.

Aluminum vs Steel Railings

Steel railings need to be repainted every few years, whereas powder-coated aluminum systems do not require painting, as they can maintain a superior finish. Steel is much heavier than aluminum and your deck needs to be reinforced for the additional weight. Aluminum can provide much more flexibility during installation. Many steel railings must be custom made as the material offers less direct fitting without welding. However, custom steel railings may be the perfect fit your application.

Aluminum vs Vinyl Railings

Where aluminum is extremely weather resistant, vinyl systems can be very susceptible to extreme weather conditions. And we get extreme weather. Some of the issues with extreme temperatures is the issue of shrinking and expanding which can damage and cause deterioration in your vinyl railings. Vinyl railings can also fade and even crack with long term exposure to UV radiation. Our local UV is extremely high – It makes for great days on the slopes, but is hard on decks. Aluminum railing system maintains its shape and dimension throughout extreme cold or heat. UV rays have a limited impact on powder-coated aluminum, which will maintain its beauty and strength.

Aluminum Railing Costs

When considering the initial costs, aluminum railings are more expensive than treated wood railings. However, wood railings will require you to stain and seal, or paint- yearly. Although aluminum is more out of the box, over a few years the savings will add up, all without splinters!


The aluminum railings that we install come with outstanding warranties. Many including Trex railing systems come with 25-year warranties. That’s 25 years of no maintenance.

So Why Pick Aluminum Railings?

Aluminum railing systems are extremely durable, resistant to rot, rust, and deterioration found with wood decks. Regardless of weather, maintains its shape in the cold and heat, is resistant to UV, which allows it to keep its color. Aluminum is nearly maintenance free with a basic occasional cleaning as necessary. Cleaning, just a rinse down with a hose or a wipe down with a soft cloth to remove any dust or dirt – that’s it!

Is a new aluminum rail system for you? If you need beauty along with strength, UV protection, low maintenance, a durable railing system, then adding a new aluminum railing may just be the best choice for you! Contact us for additional advice on things that you should take into consideration when choosing railings for your new deck.

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