Five Tips for Designing Your Perfect Deck

Function, Beauty, and Comfort

When it comes time for a new deck, it’s easy to lose the big picture and focus on the details. It’s critical to remember why you are building the deck (lifestyle, entertaining, etc.) and worry a bit less about some of the components. Planning your deck size and layout will be important for creating many years of memory making

There will be tons of options along the way to consider. The details include it is the correct hidden fasteners, color-matching screws, proper hardware, railing color and style, complimentary low-voltage lighting, accent boarders, mitered corners, fascia, risers, etc. But don’t lose sight of the forest by focusing on the trees. Yep, and even more details.

Remember that the goal of your new deck is to increase the enjoyment and relaxation of your outdoor living space and lifestyle. A place where you can spend time with family and friends for years to come making great memories while enjoying the outdoors here in Colorado.

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Here are five tips for designing your perfect deck.

1. Consider the Size and Shape of the deck

How big should a deck be? Some say that a deck should be no larger than 20% of your home’s square footage. But, if you have deck in Breckenridge, Aspen or Vail, you will spend plenty of time on it, and your larger deck can look and feel quite at home.

There’s nothing wrong with a square or rectangular deck, but consider adding style with angles or even curves. Today’s composite decks such as Trex or Timbertech, and a number of railing types look great with deck curves and angles that increase the visual impact. Thank outside the “box.”

2. Make Your Deck Reflect Your Dining Style

Another important consideration is how to use your deck for cooking and dining. If you love to cook outdoors, and the grill is a great conversation area, consider the importance of an outdoor kitchen. A small grilling area may be perfect. For the serious griller, a full-blown kitchen might be just what you need.

3. Design to maximize the Views

We know about spectacular views here ion Summit County. Views of the Ten Mile Range, Gore Range, Lake Dillon, Breckenridge and Keystone ski resorts are just some of what we get to live around. Fortunately, most home and condos in Summit County all have special views.

Make sure you consider the view, both from the deck and from inside the house. Avoid bulky railing systems between you and what you want for your view, your def not you may be stuck will be a less inviting living space. Here are some possible solutions. Consider options is to use railings with thin balusters, wire or glass panels. With so many beautiful views, remember to consider the views and which direction friend and families will face.

4. Create a path for traffic flow.

Walking pathways to the different designed areas of your deck should be comfortable and make sense. It’s important to plan a deck that provides the right amount of space for the activities you will be using the deck for, as well as comfortable traffic pathways between and around them. Make certain that there will be sufficient room for chairs around a dining table, small end tables or a coffee table next to lounge furniture and potted plants. Designated areas such as cooking, eating or relaxing typically develop once the deck is built, but think of how your furniture and amenities will fit into their places.

5. Blend Your Deck with your yard

For many decks, they act as a connecting bridge from the interior of your home to your landscaped areas. Consider how the design flows into your landscapes or hardscapes. You may choose to build a deck that blends with the house, or you may prefer to make your deck a clearly different place, even a freestanding or ground-level deck can emphasize your outdoor living space.

Are your ready for a new deck, then you’re in the right place. Rocky Mountain Decks is one of Summit County’s premier deck designers and deck builders.