Things to Consider for your New Deck Design

Levels and Features, Comfort And Value

One of the things about having a deck in the Rocky Mountains are the year round views.  People come from all around the world to experience the best of the Rocky Mountains lifestyle. We live someplace special, and undoubtedly one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty is to maximize your outdoor living space with a deck. Whether you have a hidden mountain home to slope side condo, you can be sure a new deck can add hours of additional enjoyment around your home as well as increase the value of your home.

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Photo Credit: Fiberondecking.com

Developing Your Dream Deck Design

The possibilities of a new deck are endless. Maybe you have a neighbor who has maximized views of Breckenridge Ski Resort, or you saw several awesome decks on Pinterest that captured your imagination. One of the best ways to determine what you really want and need are to define the deck options.

How will you use the deck

What do you want to use your new deck for? Do you have a vacation rental in Silverthorne or Keystone and need a hot tub deck? Does your deck act as a summertime kitchen? Will you host parties on the deck? There are so many uses for a new deck here in Summit County, spending time outdoors on your deck is the perfect place to just kickback, relax and enjoy the views off your deck.

Do you want multiple Levels

After you decide how you want to use your deck, the next step is to consider how many levels the deck will be. You may want a main level with step-down to the ground. Other homeowners may want an outdoor-living space that is centered around an outdoor pool that has features on several levels. 

Light up your outdoor living space

There has been a number of deck lighting advancements that are new so you don’t have to settle for bright spotlights on your deck. The newest design trends incorporate deck rail lights, and more. 

Natural landscape features

Many yards have special features like trees, creeks, large boulders, rocky outcrops and more that can be incorporated into the design of your new deck by building around them. 

Adding Additional Deck Features

Imagine cooking on your grill with a beautiful sunset over Lake Dillon. Why waste space when you can maximize your deck with built-in elements like a kitchen, entertainment center, hot tub, planters, storage benches and more. We can customize your deck design to meet or exceed your expectations.

Pergolas, gazebos and other outdoor structures 

When you’re deciding on your deck design, remember to consider what structures can be included to offer shade and privacy. Another aspect to consider in your deck design is an addition. Here’s a look at some of the possibilities for enhancing your deck design. 

Adding a Pergola

Pergolas are often simple structures that have an open roof design built with post, beams and rafters. They can be free-standing or an attached structure to your home or deck. Pergolas can be used to make a space for an outdoor kitchen, walkways, or simply a shaded area. Pergolas add more shade, character and beauty. 

Adding a Gazebo

Similar to pergolas, gazebos are usually free-standing structures with solid roofs. You can incorporate gazebos into your deck design. You may want them to be open sided or semi-open with walls or railings. Gazebos can embrace just about any style home and may be simple or ornate. They can also be built into a deck to provide a protected area or a great area for entertaining. 

Making your Space Private

We build another of options for privacy. Although Pergolas and gazebos can offer some privacy, but there are other ways to make your deck private on a smaller scale. Privacy walls, screens and lattice walls can be included to ensure you and your guests have an intimate experience on your new deck. 

When you are ready to improve your outdoor living space, we can help you make all your dreams come true! Get in touch with us to design your dream deck.