Does Your Deck Needs Repairs?

Strong, Secure and Safe

Living in the High Rockies is something special for those who call towns like Breckenridge, Frisco, Dillon or Silverthorne home. Great views in every direction. But don’t forget that the weather here in Summit County is also harsh on your deck. We all know that decks are the perfect place for entertaining guests. Unfortunately, decks will start to break down as your deck age. Problems such as weather damage and general wear and tear can cause the structure of your deck to deteriorate. Regardless of the age of your deck, we recommend giving your home deck a solid check to make sure your structure and decking is strong, secure and safe to use. It will also help to avoid liability if your home is a rental. We have listed some of the more common issues to look for, each of which may indicate it’s time for repair work to keep your deck going strong.
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1. The loss of deck connectors

The core of most home decks include wood, nails, screws and strong metal connectors to keep the deck safe and sturdy. These connections provide the necessary reinforcement to your decks structure and safeguard that it remains secure and supported while in use. If you inspect your deck and see problems such as only wood and nails because of incorrect design or general lack upkeep), your deck may be unsafe and should be evaluated.

2. Loose Connections

After years of enjoyment here in the Rockies, your deck will experience wear and tear because of the harsh conditions. Depending on how your deck was built, connections can be come loosened or separated over time, which will compromise the strength and sturdiness of your deck.
So what you should look for? You may find weak connections that include loose steps and wobbly railings that look to be moving away from the home.

3. Deterioration of Connectors and Fasteners

Since your deck is always exposed to the elements, connectors can break down much faster here at altitude. Strong brackets and solid fasteners should not appear deteriorated (rust, corrosion, etc.). If you see any areas of concern, call us to give you an evaluation.

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4. Wood Damage & Rot

In Colorado, the constant fluctuation in temperatures, strong UV, and sitting snow among other things can create perfect conditions for wood rot which will compromise the integrity of your deck over time. Look for boards and structural elements for any visible signs of rot. You may see discoloration, mold, mildew and areas that are softer than others. It’s critical to replace weakened wood boards beams as soon as possible to prevent spreading.

5. Finding Cracks in Wood

AS wood dries, it’s very common for cracks to develop as it ages. Some cracks are normal and should be expected, cracked, warped and splintering wood lead to painful splinters and indicates a weakling deck structure making it vulnerable to collapse.

Are any of these problems compromising the safety and integrity of your home deck? Rocky Mountain Decks are experts in the home deck solutions. Get in touch and we’ll give your deck a thorough evaluation, identifying any problem areas and the needed fixes needed to get your deck back into tip-top shape.