The Benefits of Pergolas

Pergolas: Style, Comfort and Value

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Should I Build a Pergola?

Pergolas can be fairly simple structures. Many pergolas have an open roof constructed with post, beams and rafters that create either a free-standing or attached structure to your home or other building. Pergolas are very flexible in their use, from creating a place for an outdoor kitchen, part of walkways, or a shade area to sit and relax. You can create more shade by growing vines or adding additional wood or screen material. Regardless, pergolas adds more shade, beauty and depth wherever they are placed.

Building a pergola in Summit and Eagle counties can make for the perfect addition to any home or business, and come with a number of benefits, including:

Fully Customized Designs

With the flexibility in design, pergolas can fit any home or budget, all while being fully customizable to your tastes and needs. Designs can be traditional to extravagant, but you get to decide how your new pergola can be brought to life to make your home feel even more comfortable. If you are feeling creative, you can add lots of finish that add flare to your design.

Pergolas Provide Shade

In the middle of summer here in Summit County, it’s necessary to have a place to find shade. Once you have a pergola installed, you will instantly benefit from the shade during even the hottest days. The flat “roof” on a pergola can be open to the air, or can be fully covered, depending on your needs, but your family and friends will always have a place to relax.

Versatile Designs

From a neighborhood party with your family to a quiet place you like to enjoy coffee and read, a pergola will give you space to enjoy quite a few options. Many people often treat their pergolas as an additional room.

Pergolas add Home Value

Pergolas can bring much style to your outdoor space and character to your home. They also bring added value to your property. As an addition, pergolas can help set your home apart with curb appeal and for some homebuyers, pergolas will give your home an instant edge-up on the competition

When you begin to consider installing a pergola, it might be the easiest way to bring new character to your home. Pergolas are a perfect home addition bringing enjoyment for many years to come, as well as being a worthwhile investment for you to enjoy. If you are looking for a Pergola Builder in the Rocky Mountains, get in touch and let us know how we can help bring your yard alive!